In a recent episode of the podcast, I banged the drum for the upcoming (and since released) documentary on Node.js by the wonderful people over at Honeypot.

Node.js was one of the earliest technologies whose rise I got to witness as a part of the tech community. Everything was new (Can you imagine a world before npm?), and everything was evolving at a rapid pace.

But where there is high speed there is friction.

And so the drama unfolded around Node.js, its stewardship, technical decision-making, and gatekeeping. Of course, in hindsight we feel like everything was destined to succeed - but back then, things weren’t always so clear and even less straightforward. “Node.js - The Documentary” does a great job of offering perspectives of the people involved and letting them tell their stories - without drama, yet you can still feel their excitement, engagement, and connection to the project.

It’s easy to recommend this. Go watch it.