Crosspost: Recap PHP Usergroup FFM 1. Meeting 2016

Marco Pivetta at PHP Usergroup FFM Meetup 2016-01

I wrote a post for our company blog about the last meeting of the PHP user group Frankfurt/Main. The post is in German, so the link will only be usefull for some of my readers here, but I thought I should link to it anyways.

For those of you who do not speak or read German, the key take aways from the meetup were:

  • Marco Pivetta (@ocramius) is performing some dark php voodoo on this quest to find the perfect immutable object (‘I cannot guarantee that there is a take away in this talk !’). And he might have found it:
	$foo = (object) ["\0Foo\0bar" => 'baz'];	
	var_dump(Closure::bind(function () {
		return $this->baz;
	}, $foo, 'Foo')->__invoke());
  • The Wordpress community is finally embracing twig as a modern templating engine. Walter Ebert (@walterebert) gave a brief talk on the topic.

  • The number of non German attendees show that the industry (at least in Germany) still lacks local qualified developers. From what I hear, the problem is not limited to the Rhine/Main area but rather consistent throughout Germany. This also falls in line with the experience our company had while looking for new team members in the past two years.

A few weeks back the whole team at the office decided to blog on a somwhat weekly basis from January on. So keep coming back to our company blog if you would like to read more on tech/business related topics !